Craig joins Instagram’s new Twitter knock-off, Threads

Hey there, social media enthusiasts! If you’ve been desperately seeking a replacement for the good ol’ Twitter, look no further. Enter Threads, the latest player in town, here to shake things up and give Twitter a run for its money. Owned by the giant Meta and tightly integrated with Instagram, Threads brings some serious street cred to the table.

But what’s the deal with Threads? Can it really dethrone Twitter and become the new kid on the block? Here are a few quick takeaways after spending a few hours diving into the Threads universe.

My First Thread on Thread, an Instagram app

First off, let’s talk style. Threads is sleek, my friends. Coming straight from the Meta empire, you know it’s gonna have that clean, modern look. Setting up your account is a breeze—just download the app, link your Instagram, decide if you wanna import your Instagram followers, and boom, you’re in!

Threads feels like the love child of Instagram and Twitter. It’s got the vibrant colors and crispness of Instagram, but with the fast-paced, text-based newsfeed we all know and love from Twitter. Seriously, put Threads and Twitter side by side, and you’ll have a hard time telling them apart.

One major plus? You can share your Instagram posts on Threads without them just showing up as boring links. Unlike Twitter, Threads lets you fully embrace the Instagram experience. No more feeling like you’re sneaking around with those secret Instagram shares.

Now, let’s talk about the newsfeed. Brace yourself, because it might throw you off at first. Even if you follow people you’re already connected with on Instagram, your Threads feed might be flooded with random accounts from around the world. Seriously, who are these people? Some have blue ticks, some have funky usernames— it’s like a wild virtual party you never knew you were invited to. Don’t worry, though. The algorithm seems to learn over time and starts serving up more familiar faces. It’s a bit like getting to know a new friend who starts off a bit awkward but eventually gets the hang of things.

One thing that might trip you up is that everyone shows up by their username, not their real name. It’s like a secret identity parade. This means businesses have an edge because their usernames are often the same as their display names. So, get ready to scroll past usernames like “coolguy_xx” or just plain “keith.” It can make it tricky to figure out if you actually know anyone.

Now, here’s the bummer: you can’t slide into someone’s DMs on Threads. If you wanna have a private chat, you’ll have to hop over to the regular Instagram app and find the same account there. It’s like the folks at Threads saying, “Hey, we’re all about public convos here, folks!”

Despite being a newbie, Threads has already gathered a cool two million users shortly after its launch. Not too shabby, right? Okay, sure, it’s a far cry from Twitter’s massive user base, but here’s the kicker: Instagram has a mind-blowing two billion users! So, if even half of them decide to join Threads, we’re looking at the eighth-largest social media platform in town. Talk about making an entrance!

Oh, but there’s a downside for all you desktop lovers out there. Threads doesn’t have a desktop website yet. Yep, trying to access will leave you staring at a blank screen. But don’t fret! If someone shares a thread on another platform, you can still check it out on desktop, even if you can’t interact with it. So, fingers crossed that a desktop version is in the works. We want to get our Threads no matter where we are!

Now, let’s address the celebrity factor. Brace yourselves—Threads isn’t exactly a star-studded affair. Unlike Twitter, which sometimes feels like a VIP party, Threads is more like a hangout spot for businesses and regular folks. Don’t expect to find Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, or Lady Gaga gracing your feed. But hey, you might stumble upon unexpected celebs like the one and only Gordon Ramsay. Can’t say no to some fiery culinary content!

Elon Musk is nowhere to be found on Threads. I only used Twitter to complain to customer support of businesses and see Elon’s chaotic tweets. But we do have Mark Zuckerberg here! He’s jumped on the Threads bandwagon and might even respond to your posts. Crazy, right?

So, what’s the verdict? Threads has the potential to be the next big thing. Zuckerberg himself said that Twitter failed to become the ultimate conversation app it aspired to be, and he’s hoping Threads can fill that void. With the backing of Meta and its integration with Instagram, Threads has a unique advantage. Unlike previous Twitter alternatives, Threads taps into Instagram’s massive network of users, allowing you to set up an account and connect with your peeps in mere seconds.

Threads is also part of the “fediverse,” a fancy term for linking up with other social networks outside of Meta’s control. This means you can communicate with people on different platforms within the fediverse. It’s all about expanding those social circles and making connections beyond the Threads realm.

Sure, there are some things to work out. The newsfeed algorithm can be a bit wonky, the lack of DMs within Threads is a bummer, and there’s no desktop version just yet. But hey, in theory, these are fixable issues. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for updates that address these.

One last thing you need to know: if you decide to take a break from Threads, deactivating your account means saying goodbye to your Instagram too. So, be aware that once you’re in, you might be in for the long haul. But hey, who knows? Maybe Threads will become your new digital hangout, and you won’t even want to leave.

So, keep an eye on Threads, my friends. It’s got the potential to become the cool, conversation-filled hub we’ve been waiting for. With its blend of Instagram flair and Twitter vibes, Threads might just be the social media sensation we’ve been searching for. Get ready to dive in, connect, and unleash your thoughts in this fresh, new digital landscape. Let the Threads revolution begin!

And don’t forget to follow me on Threads!

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