Ways to Evaluate Your Day

Everyone of us will evaluate our days by the tasks we have accomplished.

We will look back and count the number of things ticked-off on our checklist. The more tasks accomplished, the better the day. But is this the right way to evaluate how successful your day has been?

Everyone of us use this method to evaluate our day. From students, to office workers, to entrepreneurs and even the greatest leaders that exist. But there is a dark side, there is a harmful side effect that hovers around this evaluation method. Let’s call it “The Void”. The void is where you end up if you follow this evaluation method. When you determine success and evaluate your day based on what you do, you end up in the void – because success becomes what you do, and then when you’re unable to do it or cannot do it, you evaluate the day being a failure and worse than that, you see yourself as a failure.

We tend to forget, we’re humans. We cannot always be active.

Some days we may achieve very little compared to other days. But perhaps on this we days we can achieve a lot on other aspects such as mindfulness, realisations and on thinking. Your progress is greater than tasks on your checklist.

Life is about who you’re going to become in the end, that that journey of you growing as a human being in order to achieve greatness within yourself is more than just the goals that come with the tasks on a todo list. We’re not robots, robots and machines are meant to complete todo lists. We’re human, we’re more than that. We’ve got more potential than that.

Measure your success, evaluate your day by the new things you learn today, by the skills or pieces of knowledge your acquire. Evaluate how successful a day is by the number of people you help or inspire in a day. Even one is a good start. Life is more than our own survival. Evaluate the day by how impactful it was. 

In a hundred years to come, your checklists and tasks won’t be remembered, but the impact you’ve created and the lives you’ve changed will live and be remembered forever. 

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