Strolling through Maidan on a Rainy Day

The scorching hot summer finally gave way to the monsoon last week. We’ve been experiencing heavy rains lately, and today has been a rainy day since last night.

After finishing my exam and project, I decided to take a walk to my favourite peaceful spots in Kolkata — Queensway and Maidan. I even managed to snap a couple of cool photos along the way!

Oh, and here’s my favourite shot! I spotted a crow perched on a small broken branch on the ground. It turned out to be a really cool click!

Crow perched on a branch, Maidan, Kolkata (Monsoons 2023)

6 responses to “Strolling through Maidan on a Rainy Day”

  1. Roxanne Avatar

    Awesome Buddy!

    1. Craig Gomes Avatar

      Thank you, Roxyy! 😀

  2. Mary Avatar


    1. Craig Gomes Avatar

      Thank you, aunty! 😊

  3. Melissa Avatar


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