Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Experience: Delectable food and desserts, fantastic service and great ambience.

A very interesting bakery & patisserie. This café has beautifully amalgamated a vintage, aesthetic ambience. European style walls and lights and furniture. Large windows facing the roadside. The ambience is great at any time of the day!

[22.05.2022] Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)
[22.05.2022] Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)
[22.05.2022] Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)
[22.05.2022] Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)
[22.05.2022] Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)
[03.06.2022] Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)
[03.06.2022] Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)

They have some great dessert offerings such as: pastries, cookies, cakes, macarons, tarts, chocolates, croissants, pancakes and crêpes. They have got plenty of savoury items such as tacos, burgers, pizzas and pastas! Their range of beverages are outstanding as well, from coffee, to shakes and coolers! They’ve got it all.

So far, we’ve been here twice and have tried the following on these days:

[22.05.2022] Tiramisu Pastry, Chocolate Pastry, Almond Croissant, Brownie Bowl.

We we’re planning to go to a café at Hindustan Park; but since we’ve nearly been to most of it and being a Sunday, we feared most places will be crowded. So we avoided Hindustan Park. We went for a long walk, fed street dogs and then decided on the spot that we would go to Blue Tokai Coffee, Park Street the experience was a nightmare you can read a review on it by visiting the article below.

Since, Blue Tokai Coffee, Park Street, turned out to be a disaster. We visited Cocoa Bakery after that as it had been on our wishlist for quite some time. Cocoa Bakery made my mood better and it was a good experience. The staff was friendly, patient, explained everything to us and the dessert was great. We didn’t have much space in our stomach to eat, so we wanted to come back another day to try the shakes.

Tiramisu Pastry, Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)
Almond Croissant, Tiramisu Pastry, Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)
Tiramisu Pastry and Chocolate Truffle Pastry, Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)

I forgot to click a photograph for the Brownie Bowl, as it was a take away order. The brownie was average I would say. Overall it was a great experience.

[03.06.2022] Strawberry Cheesecake Shake, Gianduja Brownie Shake.

I got late after working on several website designs for my clients and then decided to go out. In the morning I had visited my client’s office and then gone to pick up some camera gear – that would help me carry my DSLR camera easily and safely everywhere. After finishing my work, I got my camera and wanted to go to a café. Since, it was already late and Cocoa Bakery being the closest to my house – we decided to go there as we had some unfinished business, left to be sorted out. The shakes looked amazing on Zomato and I wanted to try it out.

Gianduja Brownie Shake and Strawberry Cheesecake Shake, Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)
Gianduja Brownie Shake, Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)
Strawberry Cheesecake Shake, Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)
Strawberry Cheesecake Shake, Cocoa Bakery (Park Street, Kolkata)

The shakes were amazing! No complains about it at all. They’re very filling, make sure you’ve got a lot of space left, before ordering one of these beautiful shakes. They look amazing and taste amazing. Evening well spent!

The overall experience at Cocoa Bakery has been one of a kind and amazing! From the food, ambience, hospitality; everything is top-notch. One downside would be the pricing, some of their products are over priced and the portions were small. But it would be unfair to give this café a 4 star rating because of it; considering the quality of the food, the maintenance of the place and the staffing cost – it would all be a fair price. Maybe the quantity could be increased. Otherwise this place is first class! Definitely recommended!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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