Blue Tokai Coffee (Park Street,Kolkata)

Rating: ⭐️⭐️

Experience: I had anticipated all good things about Blue Tokai Coffee, but my experience was completely opposite to what I was expecting.

We reached the cafe located inside a building near India’s Hobby Centre, opposite The Park Hotel. The cafe is located inside a the building on the first floor. The place is not maintained and the stairway was dark.

The cafe ambience is not great at all. It’s very basic. Not photogenic at all.

Blue Tokai Coffee (Park Street, Kolkata)

The pricing is very high compared to the quality and quantity of food and beverages that they are providing, it is definitely not value for your money.

Blue Tokai Coffee (Park Street, Kolkata)
Blue Tokai Coffee (Park Street, Kolkata)

The worst experience was the order and staff behaviour. I placed an order for “Tropical Brew by Rashi” priced at ₹240/- INR – for the price I was expecting something good, similar to the picture on the menu.

Summer Special Menu, Blue Tokai Coffee (Park Street, Kolkata)

But when I received my coffee, there was nothing great about it! It was took temperature, they had forgotten to add ice cubes. The garnishing was missing. As per the menu it should be having an orange peel and cinnamon stick. But this was created haphazardly.

Tropical Brew, Blue Tokai Coffee (Park Street, Kolkata)

After complaining to the staff about it, they said this is usually how they serve it, and I argued saying it is completely misleading, especially if you’re charging this much for the coffee, you would expect it to be better and have more value.

They took back the coffee and again garnished it haphazardly. They added a cinnamon stick and the orange peel was just cut and thrown into the cup.

What was more disturbing and annoying is that two staff members who were responsible for the order were giggling at the counter.

Tropical Brew, Blue Tokai Coffee (Park Street, Kolkata)
Blue Tokai Coffee (Park Street, Kolkata)

The overall experience was very bad. Not worth the money spent. The worst was the behaviour of the staff. Considering Blue Tokai Coffee is charging premium prices and is therefore supposed to be providing premium coffee and services to their customers, this was a complete disaster and disappointment. While this review may not be true for other Blue Tokai outlets, the one at Park Street, Kolkata is terrible.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️

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