Rising Above The Noise

You should care less about what everybody else is doing. Unless all of them are doing the right thing.

Just because everybody is doing it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing, humans have a habit of copying one another without thinking things through. 

If you follow average people and do what they’re doing, then in no time you’ll also begin receiving average results. If you want to be extraordinary then you need to do extraordinary things. Start doing things others are hardly doing. If you’re still wanting to copy others, copy what extraordinary people are doing, not what average people do. 

It’s also very important sticking to what you understand, while also continuing to expand the circle whenever possible.

What do you understand that others would disagree with you on? That’s your niche, the extraordinary, the unique. 

Always ask yourself, what are the things you understand that only a very few do?

If you don’t have this mindset, then you’re average – you’re just a follower. 

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