2021: New Year In Kolkata

With 2020 coming to a close, I wish the very best to you and yours! I hope that 2021 holds success and good fortune in any endeavour you pursue. Happy New Year! ๐Ÿฅ‚๐ŸŽ‰

I had some free time on New Year’s Day and hence, decided to go out for a walk and cover the carnival-like atmosphere at Park Street and New Market as the city celebrates and welcomes in the New Year, 2021.

Also, this is my first blog of this year! While, I’ve just started learning photography and videography, the images may not be award-winning but I’m sure they do tell a good story. Alright now, let’s get to it.

The last day of the carnival and lighting, until next time โ€” Allen Park, Kolkata

People flocked in for the last time at Allen Park and Park Street, picking up the festive spirit that they left behind on 25th December, 2020, a day before the lights were going to be taken down and after which life would return back to normal, until next time.

Carnival Lights and Crowded Streets โ€” Park Street Celebrating 2021

As evening came, the people grew in numbers; most came in cars and bikes. Kolkata police had put in place an elaborate security arrangement keeping a strict watch on the crowd.

Crowded Streets & Lively Restaurants โ€” WOW! China, Park Street, Kolkata

At Park Street, itโ€™s finally that time of the year when the entire street becomes the venue for a party, where there are food stalls and musical shows at every hangout of a very trendy and growing crowd. Crowds walked through the streets and a long queue of people stood outside heritage restaurants and bistros like Trincas, Peter Cat, Mocambo, Bar-B-Q and Moulin Rouge to enjoy a wide selection of different cuisines.

A girl selling balloons โ€” Allen Park, Park Street, Kolkata

New Year isn’t the same for everyone. There are people who live this day just like any other ordinary day as they cannot afford to celebrate. But they are equally important to the system and should be acknowledged, because without them โ€” none of this would be possible.

A man selling balloons โ€” Outside, Park Center Market, Park Street, Kolkata

All of this is great, but are we forgetting and losing the true meaning behind Christmas and this festive season? I believe our aim should be to be a kinder person and to live a compassionate life. The following image makes me slightly emotional, it looks as if Santa Claus is very lonely and locked up, while the celebration outside has turned out to be greatly materialistic.

Santa Claus Inside a Showcase โ€” Oxford Bookstore, Park Street, Kolkata

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year Celebrations at Park Street, at home or anywhere else that makes you happy. It’s time for me to head out from Park Street to New Market.

Santa Claus Figure โ€” Outside, The Sixth Sense, Park Street, Kolkata

New Market is a very popular destination for shopping in West Bengal. For any season or festival, people love going there first, for shopping. During Christmas and the New Year Esplanade (Dharmatala) and New Market get the new look. Both places are always crowded. Many shops in New Market offer unique and beautiful Christmas decorations too.

New Market, Kolkata

Last but not the least, you can never miss; Nahoum’s โ€” one of the oldest Jewish bakery in New Market, Kolkata. During Christmas, there’s a long line outside the shop and it stretches as far as Simpark Mall, outside the central market place.

People buying Christmas cakes at Nahoum’s โ€” Nahoum’s, New Market, Kolkata

When I hear the words, “Winter” and “Christmas” โ€” the only thing I think about is Nahoum’s (alright, who am I fooling, I visit this place very often! ๐Ÿคค) and when you’re a foodie kolkatan, you obviously know you cannot celebrate Christmas and New Year’s without indulging in Nahoum’s cakes and pastries.

Cakes on display at Nahoum’s โ€” Nahoum’s, New Market, Kolkata

That’s all folks! I hope you loved the article and the photographs, and I wish you a wonderful year ahead! ๐ŸŽ‰

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  1. Mary Gomes Avatar
    Mary Gomes

    The photography is just awesum.. as we are all lost due to this pandemic.. but your photograph has made our memories alive by gazing at the pics of parkstreet, new market etc.. the pics potray the true meaning which made me flabbergasted that how you have depicted each and every class of people in our society and it is true some have celebrated in a grand way and for few it is jst an ordinary day.. we forget that we shud be happy n thank god watever we have bcoz there are few class people who always dream for this life.. so your photography is depicted in a very meaningful way which made me amazed..

    1. Craig Gomes Avatar

      Thank you, aunty! Glad you liked it. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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